Generate leads, build your brand, grow your business.

JB Marketing is a digital advertising agency with decades of experience helping businesses grow through strategic digital marketing coupled with beautiful, engaging content.

You’re the hero, we’re the guide.

This is your story. We’re here to help you tell it. We’re the Obi-wan to your Luke. The Haymitch to your Katniss. The Mickey to your Rocky. The Professor Dumbledore to your Harry Potter.

We’ll show you how to clarify your message so your customers will understand and connect with your brand. We’ll help you show your customers how your business will help them survive and thrive and when you do that, clearly and concisely, you’ll get more leads, more customers, sell more, and simply crush it.

Digital Advertising

Digital ads are a great way to connect with new customers and grow your brand but finding time to manage digital advertising and keep tabs on campaigns can be a challenge for small business owners.

We can help you out.

Social Media

Posting every day, staying on top of reviews, responding to comments, it can be daunting keeping up. But now, more than ever, successful brands recognize the need to connect to customers through social media.

Let us handle it for you.

Content Creation

With a number of former professional journalists on our team, we have the talent and expertise to help you create stunning content for use in digital ads, web design, social media, print advertising and more.

Let’s build something beautiful together.

Text & Email Marketing

Stay top of mind with regular email and text messages for your customers. Send alerts about your upcoming sale, holiday hours and specials, or just stay connected by sharing great content that brings value to your customers.

We’ll help you connect.

Let’s get started on helping your business thrive and grow in the digital space!