Let us guide you through the maze of digital advertising.

Digital advertising can provide your business with leads, clients, customers, sales, and revenue. Provide people with enough value online and they’ll flock to your brand and become raving fans.

With the laser-like targeting capabilities of digital advertising, you can be certain your business is only spending ad dollars on potential customers. If you sell dog toys, for example, you want your ads in front of dog owners. We can help you make that happen.

We’ll help you choose the right platform, the right content, the right value proposition and build a winning strategy. From there, we’ll help you execute your strategy, discover what works best for your businesses and scale it up.

We’ve got decades of combined experience in digital advertising and we’re ready to put that experience to work for your business.

We’ll take over the heavy lifting.

Maybe you lack the bandwidth, or you don’t want to waste hours and hours learning each platform through repeated trial and error. You’ll save time and money having JB Marketing managing your advertising campaigns.

With our ad account management services you’ll get:

  • Regular account audits
  • Strategy review & goal setting
  • Creation of ad campaigns
  • Ad development
  • Audience targeting to your ideal customers
  • Account supervision
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Monthly strategy sessions

Ready to get started?