Getting to know you…

“We are living through a transitional, transformative technology known as the internet. It is now finally 25 years old and mature. Everybody has it. Everybody has it all the time and the whole world is getting flipped upside down and you have an opportunity to take a piece of it.”  – Gary Vaynerchuk

Every business is unique. That’s why the first step for every new client at JB Marketing is a thorough review of the business. We’ll get to know your company, your unique value proposition, and how you currently convert your customers into raving fans.

We’re eager to discover what’s worked for you in the past and what hasn’t. And we’ll learn from the success you’ve found and the dead ends you’ve encountered.

We’ll also draw up a clear picture of your target audience. Knowing who your customers are is vital to a successful digital ad campaign. We want to find out what your typical customer likes, where they live, what kinds of cars they drive, and what sorts of life events trigger a need for your goods or services. And once we know who your customers are, it becomes a whole lot easier to get a relevant ad or another piece of content in front of them and begin leading them down the buyer’s journey.

Plotting the best path to grow your brand.

After we’ve developed a deep understanding of your business and your customers, we’ll suggest strategies for content generation, social posting, paid advertising, and more. Always with who you are and who your customers are in mind.

We won’t suggest things you don’t need because it’s part of a package plan, every proposal we design is as unique as your business. Instead, we’ll focus on building a strategy that will get results. Bring in new leads. Grow your brand. Enhance your business reputation. Generate positive reviews. And generate growth for you and your business.

We’ll keep you on the right path as well.

Once we’ve built your roadmap, we don’t just turn on the autopilot.

We’ll provide you with regular analytics and reports to show you how your campaign is performing. And we’ll pivot when the need arises, suggest ways you can improve your ad spend or refocus your message to better resonate and get better results whenever we see an opportunity,

We’re your partner in this journey and we’re along for the ride. We’re not just the guy at the gas station who sold you a tank of unleaded and pointed out which fork in the road you should take.

Ready to get started?